Providing high quality dentistry to the local community for over half a century, Roseneath is the largest and longest established practice in Richmond. From general and family dentistry to high-end cosmetic treatments, our team of friendly and caring professionals take great pride in maintaining extremely high standards.

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Dr Michael Nigro BDS (Rand) >>Complete professionalism is a key feature of Roseneath, where I have been a patient of Michael Nigro for over 20 years. During that time, I have never experienced the slightest problem with any treatment, whether for surgical, or cosmetic reasons. Indeed, a particular feature of this practice is their commitment to cosmetic work as well as keeping up with the latest developments in dentistry. I can recommend Roseneath Dental Care, and its staff highly.<<

Dr Kieryn Smart BDS (Rand) >>Trustworthy, professional, friendly and highly skilled - everything I was looking for in a dentist.  I now have my husband and children seen here!  WIth Dr Kieryn Smart I always feel we are getting the most current techniques done to the highest standard, and nothing unnecessary.  I used to be a bit nervous about dental visits but since coming here - whether seeing the always proactive hygienist or dentist - dare I say - it is a pleasure!  And as a result, my teeth are probably in the best condition they've been in in years. Plus Kieryn gives me confidence I am doing all the right things for my children's teeth too. Highly recommend.<<

Dr Colin Maher BDS (Cork) >>I called Roseneath at circa 10am this morning and got through to someone who was incredibly helpful and managed to get me to see Dr Maher at 12pm on the same day. I hadn't had any dental work in a good 8 years or so and was incredibly nervous as I'd had a particularly bad experience previously. Dr Maher started by doing a general check up and looked at a tooth I felt had been giving me issues and established it wasn't. He then noticed a tooth that he felt needed a filling (as you can imagine, I was started to get nervous). He explained, that in short, the tooth was rotting and asked if I'd like to go ahead with a filling. I reluctantly agreed and asked Dr Maher to make it as painless and easy as possible and what followed was (in my mind) a dream filling without any issues. Dr Maher showed me the rotting section inside so that I was aware of the problem and was gentle, precise and generally someone who understands teeth and the patients that go along with them. I feel very content knowing Dr Maher is round the corner from me and won't feel so apprehensive when my teeth are giving me issues next time around. <<

Dr Francesca Pantanali PHD Ortho (Rome) >>My experience at Roseneath is absolutely brilliant! The receptionists are always kind and make you feel welcome. More than a year ago I started my dental care with Dr. Francesca and today I could not be more than happy with the result. She spent time reassuring me and explaining in details my treatment. I really appreciated her honesty first and her professionalism at very high standard. All my friends were astonished by the fact I wore my fixed ceramic brace. Everyone was saying how invisible my brace looked like and made me compliments! Thanks to Dr. Francesca ( and Hanna, her assistant) I am very happy with my smile today. I would certainly recommend her experience and the clinic too.<<