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Chips Cracks and Broken Teeth

Often it can be the small things that niggle at us the most – a visible chip in a tooth, a gap between our front teeth, or perhaps small cracks spoiling the smooth surface of our teeth.

Teeth can often become chipped broken or cracked through general wear or tear, but as with all things, these little imperfections can make the overall effect look tired and old.

Similarly many of us have gaps between our teeth – some of us don’t mind but many of us would prefer to have a perfect line of shiny white teeth without dark spaces in the middle.

These smaller problems are often relatively easy to fix. In many cases we are able to use bonding, a simple and gentle procedure which uses a tooth coloured material similar to that used for white fillings. We prepare the teeth, put the bonding in place, sculpt it into a natural tooth shape, harden it and polish it. In very little time the chips, cracks and gaps can be hidden, leaving you with set of teeth to be proud of!

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