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Children’s dentist Richmond - optimistic about the future of the constantly evolving children’s dentistry...

In a recent survey of children’s teeth in the Greater London area, children in Richmond Upon Thames came out with the 'city’s best rates of “perfect teeth”', making the Roseneath team of children’s dentists in Richmond very proud and optimistic about the future of children’s dentistry.

Children’s dentistry has and is constantly evolving; now more than ever the emphasis is on prevention. Routine check ups from an early age, dietary advice, protective sealing of the first adult teeth and children’s hygiene sessions are now considered standard practice.

The bar is consistently being raised and the desired outcome of 100% filling free teeth is now achievable and becoming the norm at our progressive dental practice.

There are now well established links between our general health and wellbeing; and the mouth, teeth and jaws. Much of the emphasis in modern medicine today has shifted to treatment of the body as a whole and its complex interlinking of systems. This is also very true of dentistry today. Our progressive team at Roseneath Dental Care do just that.

For many years our dentists have been carrying out dental and face developmental checks as part of the routine dental check ups for children. These are incredibly important if we take into account that by the age of 7, about 80% of jaw growth has already occurred. Well aligned and correct size teeth and jaws play a major role in a child’s development and are the foundation for good health in adulthood.

The dentists at Roseneath Dental Care have actively studied face and jaw developments. With the aid of digital radiographic face and jaw analysis a dental blueprint of the face and jaws can be produced. This along with the analysis of plaster casts of the teeth and jaws gives us the means by which to predict growth patterns, jaw size and face profile.

Our aim is to establish a beautiful, lifelong and well functioning wide smile on a sound foundation that contributes to good dental and general health.

Early interceptive dental orthopaedic appliances are used to correct the jaw, bite and dental irregularities. The most common presenting signs are crowded teeth (which indicate a small jaw size); irregular bites, snoring at night, mouth breathing, bad breath, speech defects, lisping and thumb sucking.

Just as parents make lifestyle, health, dietary and education choices for their children, we strongly believe that dental developmental checks are essential to every child’s wellbeing.