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 Decay progresses far quicker in children’s teeth than it does in adult teeth 

Decay in children's teeth

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Did you know?...

Decay progresses far quicker in children’s teeth than it does in adult teeth

Why does this happen?

The enamel layer covering children’s teeth is much thinner than that which covers adult teeth. They are therefore less resistant to damage from acid. Acid can be in the form of acidic food and drink or it can be produced by sugar consuming bacteria. Acid damages teeth by removing the minerals which give teeth their strength.

How can parents avoid children having acid damage?

Acidic and sugary food and drink should be consumed in limited amounts. Children should brush twice a day with a recommended electric toothbrush and having regular dental checkups. Children should have x-rays taken every 2 years because decay commonly occurs between teeth which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Can acid damage be repaired?

A children’s fluoride mouthwash can help replace lost minerals and protect against acids

What to do now?

The dentists at Roseneath Dental Practice have vast experience in providing all aspects of quality care for children. Call 0208 940 9955 for a free consultation.

Decay in children's teeth