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Dental implants at Roseneath in Richmond...

Did you know? Anyone who is missing one or more of their natural teeth may be suitable to have a dental implant placed

.Roseneath HP Dental QA May 16

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What is an implant? A dental implant is a small pure titanium post that functions as the replacement for the root of a missing natural tooth. Not only will the implant replace the missing tooth but it will also prevent adjacent teeth from moving.

Do I have enough bone? Most people will have sufficient volume of bone to successfully have an implant. A 3D image (CT Scan) taken here at Roseneath can confirm this. There is a selection of implant shapes and sizes to choose from for each individual.

Is the procedure painful? The vast majority of patients report very little post operative discomfort and are in fact much more comfortable than they anticipated. Most patients choose to have the procedure carried out under local anaesthesia but conscious intravenous sedation is also available.

What to do now? If you are thinking of replacing a single tooth or several missing teeth with dental implants, contact Roseneath Dental Practice where we will discuss all your treatment options with you.

Roseneath HP Dental QA May 16