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Dental implants in Richmond – most significant development in modern dentistry...

At Roseneath Dental Care we believe that the introduction of dental implants in Richmond in the early 90s has revolutionised our world of dentistry.

Dental implants are not new to dentistry, with the first dental implant having been placed in 1965 but are now considered a routine dental procedure.

Dental implants are definitely a technologically advanced form of reconstructive dentistry and the definite choice for people unwilling to compromise on their treatment. A dental implant is an alternative way of tooth and mouth reconstruction from the routine reconstructions such as removable dentures and bridges.

Here at Roseneath Dental Care we have 20 years of dental implant experience and as such we have seen firsthand the enormous benefits they have contributed to peoples day to day lives. We have a dedicated and customised implant placement suite and as such routinely offer patients an implant option where indicated during our treatment planning sessions and discussions when formulating a bespoke treatment plan for them.

Dental implants are used routinely to replace single as well as several missing teeth. The main function of the jaw bone is to hold the roots of the teeth. When a tooth is extracted the bone begins to shrink (bone resorption). Implants take the place of tooth roots and give the supporting bone something to do and stop the shrinkage. Another unwanted side effect of a tooth or teeth being extracted is that the surrounding teeth start to move towards the missing tooth area, as well as the teeth opposite the missing tooth gap start to overgrow and become longer and change the bite. Following the loss of teeth the remaining teeth often become overloaded leading to them loosening, cracking or being prematurely lost.

Technically the placement of a traditional fixed bridge requires the adjacent teeth to be prepared or ground down into pegs and the restoration spans and involves more teeth than just the missing tooth. As such the dental implant is a great deal more conservative and preserves more tooth structure replacing just the missing tooth.

Dental implants can truly improve the quality of life and enjoyment of eating. At Roseneath Dental Care we aim to keep patients healthy and never need dental restorations. But when there is a need for a tooth or teeth to be replaced we strive to consistently offer our patients the definitive choice of uncompromising treatments with dental implants.