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Did you know?...

Wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment is essential for long term success.

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Why is it so important to wear retainers?

Once teeth are moved to their ideal position with orthodontic appliances, teeth need to be held in their new position to reduce the risk of them drifting out of alignment which can happen very quickly as teeth tend to want to move back to their original positions.

What are retainers?

Retainers hold the teeth in their new position. They can be fixed or removable, removable retainers are clear thin plastic trays covering the teeth, fixed retainers are thin stainless steel wires bonded to the inside of the front teeth.

When would it be advisable to stop wearing retainers?

To be safe, retainers should really be worn for life. As we age our teeth move so wearing retainers would prevent that too.

Dr Francesca Pantanali PhD Ortho (Rome)


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