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Orthodontics is the movement and correction of the alignment of teeth to improve the appearance of your smile and improve dental health.

The changes in the position of the teeth are normally achieved by using fixed braces. The reason for this is that removable orthopaedic appliances do not always align teeth perfectly whereas fixed braces do not correct underlying problems within jaw structure.

Therefore, orthopaedic appliances are often combined with a course of orthodontic treatment to achieve final alignment of the teeth, once jaw problems have been corrected.

Orthodontic techniques vary greatly in how they influence jaw and facial growth. Proper jaw growth can be harmed by removing numerous teeth or by using backward forces. Proper facial growth can be aided by making space for crowded teeth with early phases of treatment (orthopaedics). You can easily see the difference between a narrow, pushed-back smile and a nice, broad, forward smile, which is what we promote at Roseneath Kids.

Orthodontic braces

  • Fixed braces

    Fixed braces are most widely used in orthodontics, with a choice of metal or ceramic brackets. These brackets set the angle and alignment of the teeth as well as relate the upper and lower teeth to each other in the optimal functional bite.

  • Metal fixed braces

    Metal fixed braces are the most commonly used in orthodontics and are made from stainless steel, with a metal arch wire attached to the brackets by an elastic band. Colourful elastic bands can also be placed over the brackets to make them more fun for your child.

  • Ceramic (tooth coloured) fixed braces

    Ceramic tooth coloured braces are the most popular choice amongst our adult patients and are growing in popularity with our teenagers. They are very discreet and blend in perfectly with the natural colour of your teeth to give a great aesthetic look.

Removable braces

If you are looking for beautifully straight teeth, but do not want to wear conventional fixed braces, then removable, clear orthodontic braces (Invisalign aligners) are an option available for you at Roseneath.

  • Invisalign Teen

    Invisalign Teen is an orthodontic treatment, where a series of clear, removable orthodontic aligners, gently guide your child's teeth from their present position to the desired position. This option fits into a teenager's life perfectly as thanks to the clear braces, teenagers don't have to be self-conscious when they go to parties, take school photos, post pictures online, or participate in any of the other activities they love. Since the aligners are removable, it's easier for teens to brush, floss, and maintain excellent dental hygiene.

    At Roseneath Dental Care the Invisalign treatment is also available to our adult patients.


Retention is the final and very important phase of the orthodontic treatment. The final position of your teeth will need to be retained to maintain your new beautiful smile. There are different retention techniques available at Roseneath Kids with the choice of either hidden, fixed retainers or removable, clear braces worn only at night.

Why choose orthodontics?

  • Improve the appearance of the teeth – Straight teeth are very attractive and will make you smile more often!
  • Improve gum and teeth health as straight teeth are much easier to clean
  • Balance the bite and have the correct facial profile