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Teen Stage (13-16 years)

The Teen Stage of dental life, when children are becoming young adults is one of interesting diversity. From the tooth standpoint most of the adult teeth have erupted except for the wisdom teeth so all may be quiet on the teeth front. But there are tremendous growth changes throughout the body and an enormous growth spurt in action.

It is important to realize that we do not get another set of teeth and at Roseneath Kids we want these adult teeth to be healthy, strong and last a lifetime. We strongly encourage regular visits to the dentist and by now we also encourage regular visits to the hygienists who ensure all the oral hygiene skills, including brushing and flossing, are perfected and executed correctly. Dietary advice is essential as part of a dental prevention strategy for life. Active preventative treatments are carried out on the newly arrived permanent teeth in the form of protective sealants.

The Teen Stage development checks are very important as it is during this stage that most of the permanent teeth have erupted into the mouth and present the full orthodontic scenario. It is here that the orthodontic issues of tooth straightness, angulation, also the bite function and the smile are fully assessed and plans put in place to achieve beautiful, wide, healthy, well functioning smiles.

The Teen Stage provides a very advantageous window of growth. It provides the optimal conditions for dental orthopaedic treatment if necessary, as well as the optimal conditions for orthodontic tooth movements.