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The evolution of porcelain crowns and onlays...

Why are porcelain onlays overtaking porcelain crowns?

The materials dentists use to restore damaged teeth are constantly improving. Gone are the days when non tooth coloured materials were used. Today, not only are the materials tooth coloured, but they can be matched to the individual shades of teeth we have.

Restorations that used to require the removal of sound tooth have been replaced and only contaminated tooth substance is now removed. This means the restorations are smaller and less invasive. Crowns which were the indirect restoration of choice have given way to porcelain onlays.

Porcelain onlays are extremely durable, in fact they are harder than enamel. They can be produced in a wide range of shades so the tooth once restored appears never to have been touched.

Cements which were used to bond crowns in the past have give way to a new generation of bonding agents. These new materials have greater bond strength, do not degenerate over time and are totally compatible with our teeth causing no post operative sensitivity.

All these improvements are great for both the patient and the dentist. Dentists can confidently meet their patients high cosmetic expectations and patients know they are receiving a pain free durable product.