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Dental care after the lockdown – Dr Michael Nigro, Principal Dentist at Roseneath in Richmond, shares his experience…

dental care after lockdown

Dr Michael Nigro, a Senior Partner at Roseneath Dental Practice, shares his experiences of providing dental care during the lockdown, reopening and the latest developments in the world of dentistry.

Michael, start off by telling our readers about Roseneath:

We are the largest and longest established practice in Richmond, celebrating our 25th anniversary during lockdown! We pride ourselves in providing the full spectrum of both simple and complex dental and orthodontic treatments, always focusing on prevention and treating to the highest standard. The benefits of our approach were evident during the lockdown when the vast majority of our patients required no form of emergency care and the very few who needed help we were able to support without the need for them travelling to local emergency dental centres. Procedures that were already planned during that period had to be cancelled but we were able to reopen on time and those have now all been completed. Our emphasis is on educating our patients about the importance of good oral hygiene and treating potential problems timeously.

Many dental practices complained about being unable to return to dentistry in a timely manner as there was little notice given for the reopening of the dental services:

That is true. As soon as we went into lockdown the team started preparing for the reopening. We took part in online meetings and kept in contact with our colleagues around the world who were coming out of lockdown so we could be prepared for the new protocols. Before any announcements were made our practice was already equipped with all the mandatory requirements to ensure our safety and that of our patients. To improve our patients experience we upgraded our dental software to allow for the elimination of paper forms such as registration forms and medical history questionnaires. Everything now happens electronically, with patients being able to fill in various forms online at their leisure at home, prior to visiting the practice, cutting down on waiting time.

I am aware that Roseneath is very tech-savvy, could you tell us more:

We continuously strive to provide our patients with the best care possible, to do this you have to embrace the latest technology. All our x-rays are digital, which enables us to reduce radiation to a minimum whilst still maintaining the highest image quality. We have the latest in cone-beam CT scanners which provides 3D scans, a must for providing dental implants. Our hygiene sessions are performed according to Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol using state of the art AIRFLOW®, the latest Swiss technology, providing painless efficient plaque removal. We have iTero intraoral scanners, fantastic machines that capture 3D images of the teeth which can then be used to restore teeth using porcelain crowns or onlays, or they can be used in orthodontics eliminating the need for dental impressions. The technology allows us to show patients what they will look like following a procedure before it has been done, particularly useful in orthodontics. We have always provided Invisalign® to our adult and teenage patients but it is now very exciting that the system can also be used for children allowing early intervention which is so important (more info on Invisalign® First available here: https://roseneathorthodontics.co.uk/children-orthopaedics/).

Our aim always is to provide care of the highest standard in the safest way possible. 


Dr. Francesca Pantanali – ORTHODONTIST

Dr Francesca Pantanali PHD Ortho (Rome) GDC reg no. 188314

Francesca is a Specialist Orthodontist and practices at Roseneath on a part-time basis. She also works as a consultant orthodontist at the Conquest Hospital in East Sussex. She qualified from the Catholic University of Rome, Italy, where she also completed her orthodontic postgraduate training. In 2007 she completed her Ph.D. in orthodontics.

Her level of expertise enables her to successfully treat a wide range of challenging orthodontic cases including patients who need a combined treatment approach with maxillofacial surgery. She is experienced in the latest orthodontic techniques including lingual braces. Her aim is to give her patients the most comfortable treatment with the best cosmetic result. Francesca is passionate about her job and loves providing her patients with beautiful, natural smiles. Away from her professional live Francesca likes spending time with her two children, walking her dog and doing yoga.

Francesca is a vastly experienced orthodontist who will bring a range of new skills to our practice. These include cosmetic braces for teenagers and the Incognito™ system for adults.  If you’ve always been put off having your teeth straightened ask us about the new systems.

Orthodontist Richmond

For more information regarding Dr. Francesca Pantanali visit the Team section on our website:

Dr Francesca Pantanali – Specialist Orthodontist


Did you know?…
Wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment is essential for long term success.

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Why is it so important to wear retainers?

Once teeth are moved to their ideal position with orthodontic appliances, teeth need to be held in their new position to reduce the risk of them drifting out of alignment which can happen very quickly as teeth tend to want to move back to their original positions.

What are retainers?

Retainers hold the teeth in their new position. They can be fixed or removable, removable retainers are clear thin plastic trays covering the teeth, fixed retainers are thin stainless steel wires bonded to the inside of the front teeth.

When would it be advisable to stop wearing retainers?

To be safe, retainers should really be worn for life. As we age our teeth move so wearing retainers would prevent that too.

Dr Francesca Pantanali PhD Ortho (Rome)

Orthodontist in Richmond

Roseneath Dental Practice provides a specialist orthodontic service able to provide for all orthodontic needs



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Welcome to our quality care dental practice in the heart of Richmond.

We pride ourselves in being the largest and longest established practice in Richmond having provided high quality dentistry to the local community for over half a century.

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